2020 Top 50 Chemistry and Materials Sciences #NCOMTop50

2020年4月に発表しました論文が,Nature Communicationsの中でTop50(おそらく35位)に選定されたとアナウンスされました.
2020 Top 50 Chemistry and Materials Sciences Articles

Dear Dr. Tetsu Ichitsubo,

We are delighted to announce that your article “Circumventing huge volume strain in alloy anodes of lithium batteries” was one of the most read* Nature Communications articles in chemistry and materials science in 2020.

The journal published more than 6,400 papers in 2020, so your article’s position is a great achievement and your contribution is valuable to the research community. You may access the full lists of Top 50 articles across other main Nature Communications research areas by visiting https://www.nature.com/ncomms/top50.